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MRVIEW Solution components are an integral part of the imaging solution and meet or exceed HIPAA compliance. A healthcare facility can use MRVIEW as a stand-alone system or on the network. The hardware needed may change from facility to facility according to the specific needs. There are minimal hardware requirements needed by a healthcare facility to run MRVIEW:

  • Workstation: Most healthcare facilities have workstations that allow the installation of MRVIEW. PC minimum requirements: Processor: 200 MHz RAM: 32 MB Operating System: Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP Monitor: 17" recommended, minimum of 800 x 600 resolution
  • Printer: High speed laser to print images
  • Server: (If healthcare facility chooses to provide server) Server minimum requirements: Processor: Pentium 3 Storage: R.A.I.D. or SAN storage system with sufficient storage (50 GB per million documents) Operating System: Windows NT 4.0 server or Windows 2000 server, Microsoft SQL 7.0/8.0 or MSDE 1.0/2000

The following is the core MRVIEW equipment provided to the healthcare facility:

  • Workstation(s) - Provide ability to scan, view, print and edit images.
  • Scanner(s) - Equipment that is used along with MRVIEW and a workstation, to digitize images into the imaging system.
  • Printer(s) - High speed laser printer to print images
  • File Server - Holds SQL databases for searching and retrieving images as well as the sub storage system for maintaining the digitized images.

Server minimum provided:

Processor: Pentium 4, 2 GHz, 1 GB RAM

Storage: R.A.I.D. storage system configured with enough storage for facilities' needs. Redundant drives to prevent downtime.

Operating System: Windows 2000 server, Microsoft SQL 8.0 or MSDE 2000 Software utilized to provide the complete imaging solution is listed below. The software listed below runs on the file server with the exception of MRVIEW, which runs on the workstation.

  •  MRVIEW - Imaging software that provides the capability to search, view, and print images. Provides numerous reports and maintains an audit trail.
  •  SQL Database - Allows MRVIEW workstations to search for and retrieve images.
  •  C.A.R. Collect - Data collection software that captures print images, which are normally sent to a printer. Software will also collect record demographic information via ADT, HL7, FTP or file/report transfers.
  •  MRPort - Processes data from C.A.R. Collect. Automatically recognizes, indexes and stores captured print images. In addition, it selectively mines demographic data captured from C.A.R. Collect.
  •  MRReport - This software scans the imaging system at predetermined times, extracts select images based on customizable filter rules to enable outside coding and billing services to receive images. These images can be sorted to match a users preference, batch printed or batch saved in a digital format.