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IMAGING: A Solution for Today

Imaging your hardcopy documents into an electronic health record management system offers an effective and reliable solution for migrating from a paper-based system. As documents are delivered to the HIM department from various sources within the healthcare facility, they are scanned and indexed into the imaging system. Documents already in electronic format can also be downloaded and merged into a patient's record. A complete electronic history of a patient's encounters with the healthcare facility can be created and maintained (i.e. ER, Clinic and Inpatient). As a result, the entire healthcare information system can benefit from this technology by enabling secured access to these documents through its network environment.

Benefits of Imaging a Medical Record:

    Provides immediate 24-hour access to imaged documents
    Allows multiple users to access patient records simultaneously        throughout the healthcare facility's network
    Reduces the time and expense required for tracking, retrieval, filing        and delivery of records
    Eliminates archival costs such as microfilming or off-site storage
    Reduces expense of supplies (i.e. folders, labels, etc.)
    Decreases file room space (i.e. shelving)
    Reduces misfiles and lost records
    Increases security
    Duplicates easily for backup
    Paves the road to your EHR