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Most healthcare professionals have come to realize the benefits that imaging has to offer. Deciding whether to outsource the labor intensive task of document capture or determining how to use the imaging tool are important factors. But most experts will agree that the cost factor is still the major obstacle in pursuing imaging technology. When purchasing hardware, software, or other components of the system, payments will be made for the products without seeing many results. Images will have to be captured before any true benefits are realized. It could take several months if not years before a system's benefits will begin to exceed start-up costs. Estimating costs for implementation and ongoing management can be very difficult and has often resulted in serious set backs to the success of a system.

In developing the MRVIEW Solution, we understand that investing thousands of dollars in a system with various unknown factors is a major concern for most healthcare providers. Furthermore, buying a product that will lock you into current technology or committing to long-term contracts is also not an appealing prospect. The MRVIEW Solution offers a different approach, a concept that lets the healthcare provider pay for only the images that are entered into the system. There are no additional fees for software, hardware, training, and storage -- only fees for documents or ASCII data residing in the system. There is no obligation for long-term commitments or additional services required. Funds for large deposits are not necessary because software or hardware is never purchased. Fees are only incurred after images populate the system and results are realized. Instead of paying for supplies, labor, or supervision associated with filing and storing hardcopy documents, revenues are redirected to pay for converting or downloading images to the system. This financial concept allows virtually any imaging prospect the wherewithal to implement and maintain an imaging system. This plan not only gives the healthcare facility the total benefits of imaging but additionally allows the cash flow rewards from the onset.




Cost Comparison- Imaging Microfilm Purge Listing Supervision FTE's Supplies

The Cost Comparison graph is based on scanning documents directly after they are received in the
H.I.M. department. This eliminates creating
records, sorting, filing, miscellaneous filing,
retrieving, copying, delivery of records, refiling, etc. Filing supplies will be minimal. The purging or
archival process, such as microfilm or storage,
will not be needed.

Based on the following assumptions:

Inpatient Documents
ER Documents
Outpatient Documents
Total Documents



Scanning 1,500,000 documents
Indexing approximately $.10/image



Filing Supplies
FTE's for filing, retrieval, R.O.I.,
    Continuing Care, etc.* (8)
Supervision (1)
Microfilm approximately $.04/image

*FTE's salary is based on
$30,000/year with benefits.