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There is more to implementing a successful system than just purchasing hardware, software, or even having a service scan documents. How and when this tool is utilized can play an important role in the overall success of the system. Imaging is most beneficial to a healthcare facility when documents are input immediately after they are created. They are more likely to be requested for coding, billing, or continuing care than records that are inactive. In comparison, by utilizing an imaging system for archival purposes, much like off-site storage or microfilm systems, many of the benefits are never realized. An important factor in the MRVIEW Solution is providing an on-site service that will manage the daily flow of medical record documents. This will eliminate expenses for filing supplies, storage, labor, copying charges, etc. This will also allow the entire facility to fully utilize the benefits of having documents/images available for their needs.

Imaging is often used as an archival tool, taking the place of traditional methods such as microfilming, storage, or even destroying records. It has certain advantages over the other methods, and is now cost competitive with these older approaches. MRVIEW can also meet your needs for archival electronic storage.