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For over 20 years, CRS/MMRA has been developing solutions for various record management problems, primarily in healthcare facilities. Many of the services that we provide to healthcare facilities across the country are utilizing these concepts. Through these efforts and from our extensive experience, we have developed an imaging product that is not just software and hardware, but, in addition, encompasses the entire scope of the imaging process, from purchasing a system to storing images. We call this product the "MRVIEW The Total Document Imaging Solution."

Our goal is to streamline the process of undertaking the development and maintenance of an imaging system environment. How can we get an institution from the concept phase to system implementation without all of the startup expenses usually associated with a new system? With these goals in mind, the MRVIEW Solution was created.

MRVIEW is a multi-dimensional product, which allows the user to focus on the day-to-day operation of running a healthcare facility and leaves the entire imaging process to us. This revolutionary concept not only consists of innovative software and state-of-the-art hardware, but also supplies experienced staffing for performing the scanning/indexing and maintaining the entire process. It eliminates the traditional methods for purchasing software or hardware and allows the entire system to expand at your predetermined pace. MRVIEW is powerful enough to manage the demands of an entire healthcare network, yet simple enough to be used as a stand-alone system in a very small facility. It has many canned reports, allows monitoring of various processes including audit trails, and can be customized to meet any user's requirements.

MRVIEW was designed to be user friendly, realizing that most healthcare environments require employees to have minimal computer knowledge. We also realize an imaging system is a tool to be used by healthcare professionals to aid in increasing their overall level of service. A system should be reliable, easy to use, and have the ability to access vast amounts of information as quickly as possible. This is exactly what MRVIEW is capable of doing. It puts millions of documents at your fingertips in seconds, anywhere in the healthcare network, with virtually no downtime.

The MRVIEW Solution is basically made up of three components: hardware, software and on-site document capture. In addition, we have developed an imaging methodology that takes away the burden of implementation and maintenance from the facility, therefore allowing a smoother transition towards an electronic document management system. The system utilizes the facility's network and workstations to distribute images for viewing and printing. Core hardware components such as the file server, storage devices, laser printers and document capture equipment are part of the overall package that is included in our solution.




Through these efforts and our experience we have developed an imaging product that is not just software and hardware but also encompasses the entire scope of the imaging process from purchasing a system to storing images.  We call this product the MRVIEW SOLUTION